News Updates

Real Estate Project Coming Soon with Beacon’s Sister company Beescon Foundation & Real State.

Beacon Engineering signed a partnership with Beescon Foundation Foundation & Real Estate, Beacon’s sister company, for the commencement of a grand real estate project.

BEACON Engineering is a multi-disciplinary consultancy and contracting firm, providing professional services in a wide range of Civil & Water Engineering works including water well drilling and shoring works. At inception, BEACON was oriented toward geotechnical engineering.

And a plus to its already well-established services, the new real estate project is believed to be among the notable real estate projects catering to the rising demand.

Beacon to undertake Awash Insurance HQ’s Shoring, Excavation works

Awash Insurance, one of the leading insurance companies in the nation, signed an agreement with Beacon Engineering for the Shoring Structures and Excavation works of its Headquarters.

Representative of Awash Insurance and Beacon’s CEO, Birhanu Assefa signed the agreement on July 7 marking the official commencement of the project.

Awash Insurance shared on its official Facebook Page saying, “The Construction of Shoring Structures and Excavation work for 4B + G + 35 story HQs BLDG kicked off today on the 7th July 2023. We are Happy to announce this Landmark Event that became Possible after successfully overcoming many ups and downs.”