The Department is one of the five central operational departments of the company organized to provide a full range of expert services in water well construction, drilling for environmental and waste disposal, water-related studies and sewerage works, well maintenance, and abandonment.

The History of the department dates back to 2000 when BEACON started groundwater exploration and water well drilling services as part of its main activities. The entry point was one DTH/Rotary drilling machine rated for 700m. The growing demand for potable water for urban centers, rural population, and industrial and agricultural use in Ethiopia and neighboring regions have encouraged BEACON to build up its capacity in the sector. 

Towards this end, BEACON Engineering PLC has gradually increased the number of drilling machines, highly qualified and intermediate professionals and has also strengthened all support facilities required for effective and efficient operation. Today BEACON has three DTH/Rotary drilling rigs rated up to 600m and one Crawler-type DTH/Rotary drilling machine rated at 150m with complete accessories.

The department’s behavior as a whole or the act of individual employees is aimed at fulfilling their commitment and establishing the company’s image of credibility.

The commitment originates from its obligation to society to the client and to its own staff.

  • Deep and shallow water well drilling
  • Water well rehabilitation
  • Pumping test
  • Pump supply & installation
  • Construction of water supply distribution systems
  • Hydrogeological & geophysical site investigation
  • Consultancy services on
  • Hydrogeological, Geophysical site investigation, Water well drilling
  • Water well design & construction supervision.

The services rendered by the department are divided in two main divisions.

Division 1

Hydro-geology & Geophysics Division

The assignment this division carries out range from groundwater feasibility studies to detail and comprehensive tender document and working drawing packages of various water projects.

  • Conduct groundwater exploration and development works depending on the requirement of the client.
  • Formulate a water well drilling plan and program, develop cost and time schedule for the implementation of the same
  • Water well design and construction supervision
  • Conduct hydrogeological and hydro-geophysics cal investigations for various water projects
  • Consult on community water supply and sanitation program
  • Functionality analysis and consult on water well maintenance, rehabilitation, development, solid and liquid waste disposal
  • Conduct borehole and surface geophysical surveys for various projects

Division 2

Water Well Drilling Division

The service this division provides ranges from drilling deep water wells (500m) to shallow wells to rehabilitating dying wells and to well abandonment.

The works are done in conformance with the requirement of ISO 9001, 2008 and the division pays great attention to updating and improving the technical equipment and technical means to enhance the work quality and efficiency. Well sinking i.e.

  • Deep and shallow wells for the production of groundwater
  • For disposal of wastewater underground
  • Environmental
  • Well maintenance, rehabilitation, and abandonment
  • Pump Supply and Installation
  • Hand pumps installation and training on the principle of pump handling and maintenance.
  • Pumping Test
  • Construction of Water Supply Distribution System